WATER QUALITY giving you fits? Blue-green staining, yellow or rust stains, water spotting? We can fix them all. We also offer a complete line of bacteria control products from UV to chlorine. We build our own treatment systems using only materials made in America as much as possible. We offer iron filters, water softeners, pH control, sediment filtration and bacteria control.

NEED A SOFTENER but don’t want the salt? We are a Nuvo dealer. We are also the Water-Right dealer for this area. Water-Right combines iron removal, pH correction and softening all in one unit. So when your water has got you down, let us lift you up to clean water.

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Finding [PumpCo] has made our life so much easier. To have our water so perfect compared to what it used to be is a godsend. We have been up here over ten years and you are the first and only man that has the knowledge and desire to filter our water correctly. In my book if I was to rate your service and ability it would be the highest!!! Thank you for all you have done for us and please never move away..

Don & Mary F