I am really pleased with the work that PumpCo did on my solar system. Robert Croft [of PumpCo] had not installed it, but when I ran into problems with it, he was right there to help me. I had gone to the original installer plus two additional solar folks without getting any resolution to my problem. Robert stayed on it until he found my problem and he was able to fix it promptly. I recommend PumpCo for any solar work.

– Mara N.

Finding [PumpCo] has made our life so much easier. To have our water so perfect compared to what it used to be is a godsend. We have been up here over ten years and you are the first and only man that has the knowledge and desire to filter our water correctly. In my book if I was to rate your service and ability it would be the highest!!! Thank you for all you have done for us and please never move away.

– Don & Mary F.

We recently contracted with Pumpco to solve our well problems. We have had problems with high iron content and low/fluctuating water pressure. Bob & Brendon set us up with a wonderful system that works great. We now have better water than we’ve had in 11 years. They went above and beyond our expectations. Unlike the other water/well contractors we hired in the past, they always showed up on time and always left us with a working system and a clean & tidy well house. They also worked with us on our tankless water heater problem. Even though we eventually had to replace the unit, they came out here repeatedly to troubleshoot and try to get it working. A very knowledgeable team, they were always courteous and respectful, and we highly recommend. Thank you, job well done!

Glen & Kathy A.

I want to thank PumpCo for all of your work and follow up. The system you installed was done in a very professional manner and the workmanship was excellent. Everything was done in a neat and orderly manner including going the extra little bit to paint the back board for all the panels. While the calls back for minor problems have been few you have always responded in a timely manner and had the problem fixed. The soft start system and the ability to have a constant pressure enables our sprinkler system to work at its best. I would highly recommend you and your company and should the need arise feel free to show our system to anyone looking for a job well done.

John V.

Looking back on the last few years of our working together, myself representing buyers and or sellers and [PumpCo] providing outstanding service both with Well inspections or with Service calls. You and your crew would always treat each job with utmost importance and make sure that the client’s needs were met and and in a most professional and timely manner. I thank you and my clients thank you. Never before did my clients and family have the extra bonus included in their general well inspections as your going above and beyond with completing your own analysis of the water, performing on site water testing that one may have had to pay extra for with a lab. Of course they received the required bacteria testing provided by a Lab, but with you they also received an
instructional lesson in the operations of the well and it’s related equipment. This too was an extra gift not usually provided with the familiar well inspectors. Again, Thank you.

With the everyday service calls that come up in your business, you always seemed not just prepared and ready to tackle the job, but even eager to meet with and go above and beyond to make sure that the clients needs once again were met and that those parties had the water necessary within as short of time as possible that might have been without. I look forward to continuing our working relationship and will happily refer you to others each and every chance I have.

Kary Ann S.
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Bob [of PumpCo] has repaired several leaks, installed new bathroom and kitchen faucets during 2011. Bob and/or crew were always punctual with their schedules, always covered and protected the area of work, was fair with the pricing for labor and materials required to complete each project.

Bob and crew installed a 2500 gallon reserve water tank, easing the demand for water at the house, our well is some 300 yds down a 45 degree slope from the house. By installing this new tank, it definitely eased the wear and tear on the pump at the well, it comes on only to maintain the level, which is once or twice weekly. Has minimized our PG&E billing by several dollars monthly since this installation.

Thank you Bob Croft and crew for your suggestions on minimizing our costs and increasing our efficiency. My wife Cristina and I highly recommend PumpCo to anyone requiring plumbing repairs or water reserve assistance.

Brian S.