RUNNING OUT OF WATER? We have had tremendous success with our unique combination of control systems to maximize water recovery from low-producing wells. In fact we have kept some customers in water with wells producing as little as 1/3 gallon per minute. We offer storage tanks from 250 gallons up to 10,000 gallons. So for a complete line of tanks, booster pumps and to take advantage of our experience with low-producing wells, give us a call and lets us help you get the water out of that well.

Bob and crew installed a 2500 gallon reserve water tank, easing the demand for water at the house, our well is some 300 yds down a 45 degree slope from the house. By installing this new tank, it definitely eased the wear and tear on the pump at the well, it comes on only to maintain the level, which is once or twice weekly. Has minimized our PG&E billing by several dollars monthly since this installation.

Thank you Bob Croft and crew for your suggestions on minimizing our costs and increasing our efficiency. My wife Cristina and I highly recommend PumpCo to anyone requiring plumbing repairs or water reserve assistance..

Brian S.